Aura Cleansing By Kala and Ketz Pajeon, authors of The Candle Magick Workbook. ....Once you are safely within your private sanctuary, envision yourself encased with in an egg of light. Begin to explore this egg. How does it look? What color is it? Are there rips, tears, or holes? Is it wet or dry? These are important questions, but do not try to remember them all. Simply explore your auric egg for now and remember that you can always go back later to clean up the problems. Next envision two trapdoors on swinging hinges, one each at the top and bottom of your Aura. The trapdoor at the bottom has a fine mesh screen over the opening. This prevents debris or lower vibrations from entering. Begin now to see light, the color of your choice for cleansing, swirling up from Mother Earth, pouring up through the trapdoor and through the mesh screen. See this energy rushing up through the bottoms of your feet and slowly moving into the toes, heels, and balls of your feet. Up into the ankles, through the calves to the knees and on upward to the thighs and hips. Follow it upward as it fills your body with a radiant light that glows warmly as it comes into your torso. From the torso feel it spread out into your arms, wrists, hands, and fingers. The warm, beautiful color now courses up the arms to fill our shoulders, neck, face, and head. Feel the energy of the colorful fluid as it pulsates throughout your entire body. Now see this beautiful liquid filling your auric egg. Up from the Earth, through your body, and spewing from the top of your head, removing all disease, pain, blocks, and foreign entities from the interior of your body. As this energy moves upward, all foreign power cords of a destructive nature immediately dissolve. Once the Earth energy has filled your auric egg, see all the debris forced out of the trapdoor at the top of your egg. Continue filling the egg until you feel that all debris is gone and all rips, tears, and holes have been mended. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly. As all the debris is pushed out of the aura and only the relaxing, healing energy of Mother Earth is left, allow the energy to cleanse the outside of the auric egg; again removing anything attached to it. Now center yourself within your Aura and the surrounding energy. At all times should you remain centered. If you are not, continually reposition yourself to remain so. Being off center can interfere with your energy flow and will throw you off balance. Now you should thank the Mother Earth for what She has provided. You do this by envisioning the Earth encased within a light of glowing green (or whatever color comes to your psyche as being needed). See this light healing the Earth, Her flora and fauna, and dissolving the scars human strife has imposed upon Her. This last is important and not only rights your inner and outer world but helps the entire world as a whole. Remember the "Law of Return". Here is how to get a lot of good karmic energy going for you. Universal or Cosmic Energy/Grounding Yourself Now try cleansing the Aura in the same fashion as previously described. The only difference is that now you will be using Universal or Cosmic energy instead of Earth energy. Reverse the process by bringing down the energy from the cosmos and let it enter your head and exit at your feet into Mother Earth. Empowering/Running Energy Once you are adept at visualizing the two ways to cleanse your Aura, try to run both energies at the same time. See them mixing together within your body and auric egg. Feel them circulating and exiting through their respective trapdoors, taking with them all that does not serve your highest good. Once you can envision these two powers circulating easily and freely within your body, you have the energy to begin magick. Note that we said you have the energy to BEGIN magick. Now you must learn to control it and make it grow. This is where he study of the Chakras comes in
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