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Van Van Incense #1 Vanilla Khus Khus Almond Vetivert #2 1 part Rose 1 part Vanilla 1 part Vetivert 3 parts Lemon Burn to purify a room where Voodoo rites are going to be held. Be silent while it burns. --------------------------------- Venus Incense#1/Oil Rose Orris Sandalwood Musk color: red or pink ---------------------------------- Venus Incense #2 Lavender Chamomile Cinnamon Rose Petals Musk Patchouli Orris -------------------------------- Venus Incense #3 3 parts rose petals 1 part orris 1 part orange peel 2 parts white sandalwood 2 parts deer's tongue 1 part allspice 1 part jasmine 1/2 part sage 2 parts basil few drops civet few drops ylang ylang few drops muguet 1 part cinnamon ------------------------------------ Venus Oil 4 parts jasmine 1 part rose 3 parts yalng ylang few drops civet 1 part ambergris 1 part myrtle or 1 part muguet color: pink, red or green An alluring magnet used to draw love toward you. Makes person irresistable to the opposite sex. ------------------------------------- Venus Powder Rose oil Lavender Violet Musk Amber Pink Base color: pink Sprinkle on the clothing and you will be irresistable to the opposite sex. Others will be forcibly drawn to you. ------------------------------------- Versatile Powder Rum Peach Blossom Lilac Cinnamon Rub on your hands and sprinkle on the clothing. Induces you to be much more adaptable to changes in life. Increases the potential for success in all areas. Inspires quick and craetive thinking. ----------------------------------- Vesta Powder Rose Lily Lavender Peppermint color: white Draws the forces of good to your Voodoo services. Drives out evil spirits. Sprinkle on the altar to purify it before and after a ritual. --------------------------------- Vesta Aru Same as Vesta powder -------------------------------- Vestar Powder Same as Vesta Powder --------------------------------- Virgo Lavender Wintergreen Rose Orris -------------------------------- Voodoo See Obeah -------------------------------- Voodoo Night Perfume Oil Myrrh Patchouli Vetivert Lime Vanilla A powerful oil designed to draw others to you. Makes them unable to resist. ------------------------------------- Voodoo Powder Myrrh Grave Dirt Patchouli Mullien Vetivert Pine Clove Lime color: brown Sprinkle in all corners, on doors, and windows and burn a little with incnese. Use prior to conducting a ritual of any type. Especially good when sacrifices are being offered. Appeases the restless spirits. W War Powder Chili Powder Mustard Powder Iron filings Patchouli Musk root color: red Sprinkle on your body and around the room before leaving. Overcomes feelings of animosity in others. Assists in defeating the enemy. ---------------------------- War Water Florida water Red pepper Black pepper color: red ----------------------------- Water of Notre Dame Violet Water Rosewater Orange water Holy Water Causes calm and peace by attracting the help of beneficial spirits. Mix oil with water and spray about the dwelling. --------------------------------- Wear Away Powder Black pepper Orris Castor bean Use to place a mild crossing on someone you wish to teach a lesson. Will unnerve them in a time of stress. Causes only temporary mental anxiety. ----------------------------------- Weed of Misfortune Jimson Patchouli ----------------------------- Winner's Circle Perfume Oil White sandalwood Orrice Allspice Deers Tongue Musk A wonderful oil for gambling luck. Draws financial gain to the user. ---------------------------------------- Wishbone Powder White sandalwood Orris Allspice Deers tongue Musk Potent in helping dreams and wishes to come true. Anoint yourself before sleeping or meditating, or in services that are aimed at luck and psychic goals. -------------------------------------- Wisteria Incense Wisteria color: purple Always burn when good luck is needed. A strong force when burned at midnight. ---------------------------------- Wisteria perfume oil Same as Wisteria Incense. Attracts all good spirits to a Voodoo ceremony. Rub on heads and sprinkle around floor. ------------------------------------ Wolf's Blood Same as Wolf's Heart ---------------------------------- Wolf's Eye Incense Same as Wolf's Heart ------------------------------ Wolf's Heart Incense Dragon's blood Poke root Myrrh Bitter aloes Red base Burn to give courage when under great pressure. Helps overcome all fear of death. A good formula for those in business or the arts looking for strength to push their careers further. ------------------------------- Wood Song Violet Honeysuckle Mint --------------------------- Wormswood Powder Absinthe Yerba Mate A very powerful hexing agent, which is to be utilized only for crossing the worst type of enemy. Must be used with extreme care. Sprinkle on the yard and on the front door. Y Ya Ya Powder Khus khus Cinnamon Asafoetida Sage Rose color: red Increases sexual potency. said to make a woman more fertile. Excellent to assist in making a woman become pregnant. Also protects against miscarriages. ------------------------------- Yaka Powder Arrowroot Lo-John powder Use only as a crossing agent. Quite a powerful spell maker. Sprinkle liberally around the ritual area to cast all type of crossings. -------------------------------- Yo Yo powder Red sandalwood Orris Vetivert Angelica color: red Another powerful crossing powder which is designed for use only against females. Said to return her unwanted amorous advances to her and get her to leave you alone. The effect of a curse will be reversed if utilized on a male. -------------------------------- Yuza Yuza Oil Myrrh Cypress color; Black A dreaded mystical oil blend used for calling the spirits of the dead. Very dangerous. Never use in jest. Also for casting hexes. ------------------------------- Yula Perfume Oil Melon Rose Lavender Wisteria color: Black Never use except when the death of an enemy is desired. Will reverse its mighty power if used for any other reason. Z Zawba Powder Vanilla powder Thyme Wintergreen Almond color: brown A special blend which is used to create dissension between lovers and very close friends. Sprinkle on those individuals you wish to cast a spell upon. This is a black magick blend. ------------------------------ Zombi Lo-John Yerba Buena Nutmeg Sage Special powder/incense only to be used in casting hexes. ------------------------------ Zonka Powder Patchouli Lavender Lemon Verbena Salt Peppermint A special Haitian mixture designed to break evil spells. Use only during the full moon. Must be rubbed on the body while out of doors. ------------------------------ Zorba Perfume Oil Mastic Frankincense Cinnamon Lavender Bay color: purple Helps to bring forth psychic power. Wonderful for clairvoyance. Anoint forehead while in ritual. Use in your bath before retiring to secure prophetic dreams.