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Taper Perfume Oil Jasmine Cinnamon Patchouli Olive Oil Used to float wicks. Usually no more than perfumed olive oil. More for decoration than for ritual purpose, but the oils tend to attract love, healing and positive forces. --------------------------------------- Tar Perefume Oil Molasses Castoreum Turpentine pinch Bitter Aloes Creosote color: black Specially designed to create strife. Use only when you wish to cause problems for others. A blend that borders on the very negative; think carefully before using. ---------------------------------------- Taurus Ambergris Patchouli Musk Vetavert Jasmine Civet Sage --------------------------------------- Tejas See Mars -------------------------------------- Temple Incense Same as Spiritual -------------------------------------- Ten Commandments Powder Hyssop Salt Powdered sea shells (Ochinea) Use to place a curse on anyone who has violated one of the spiritual laws. Also attracts assisitance to those who live by these rules. Sprinkle with great care. Very powerful for good or evil doings. ----------------------------------------- Ten Slivers Powder Ten chopped toothpicks Clove Pine Lilac Little pine sawdust Sprinkle thoroughly through the hair in order to attract good fortune in times of despair. ------------------------------------------- Tetragrammaton See Kabala ------------------------------------------ Thief Powder Galangal Vetivert Polk Root Hydrangea Sprinkle liberally around the area where something has been stolen and you will envision who the thief was. Always exposes wrong doers. ------------------------------------------- Three Jacks Oil Galangal Vetivert Patchouli Powdered cardamom color: green Brings good luck while gambling. Use to anoint candles, palms and forehead in a success ritual. -------------------------------------------- Three Kings Incense Frankincense Myrrh Benzoin Styrax or Tolu extract White sandalwood chips A good luck incense which brings a change of fortune in every area of life. Use with care. --------------------------------------------- Three Knaves Oil Same as Three Jacks -------------------------------------------- Thrifty Powder Lavender Orris Sage color: green Rub on hands and touch anyone who seems to be rather tight with money. They will be induced to spend some of it on you. --------------------------------------------- Tiger Perfume Oil Wintergreen Gardenia Rose Pappermint Cinnamon Bay color: yellow Awakens the psychic and clairvoyant powers of a person during Voodoo ceremonies. Particularly effective when used as a bath just before retiring. ------------------------------------------------ Tiphareth Incense Dittany of Crete Pine Myrrh Dragons Blood Patchouli Balm of Peru Invokes evil spirits when you wish to cast hexes and spells on others. Use with caution, as this mixture draws its potency from the dark side of the Tree of Life. -------------------------------------------------- Trinity Oil Hyssop Olive Oil Verbena Designed to draw blessings to you in every area of life. Guarantees success in both material and spiritual undertakings. Use sparingly, because it is potent. -------------------------------------------------- Tryst Perfume Oil Musk Melon Sandalwood color: red The oil of lovers--use when you want passion to enter the relationship. Also develops clairvoyant power in anyone who uses it. --------------------------------------------------- Turquois Blue-Green See Easy Life. ------------------------------------------------ Twisting Powder Sulphur Sugar Patchouli Cedar Sprinkle all around the door of someone's house. Will reverse the effects of any crossing. U Uncrossing Incense/Powder Lavender Rose Bay Verbena color: purple This is a very powerful blend which will remove any hex or spell. Burn in a tightly closed room for best results. No evil spell can withstand it's vibrations. ------------------------------- Uncrossing 1 part lemon 1/4 part bay 1 part rose 1 part lily color: blue Place a palm cross or a piece of vetivert root in the oil. ------------------------------- Untruthful Powder Mint Rose Nutmeg color: yellow Rub on your hands and touch anyone you feel may be telling lies. They will be made to ask your forgiveness, and the tall tales will immediately stop. -------------------------------- Unforgiving Powder Salt Sugar Sage Rosemary color: white Sprinkle on the head and shoulders of any person who has recently lost a close friend. This is said to force the other party to forgive and forget. -------------------------------- Unfaithful Powder Lilac carnation Khus Khus color: pink Sprinkle on the body of anyone who is unfaithful. This powder makes them toe the line and stop playing around. Also makes someone be unfaithful if they are presently staying at home and being good.