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Sabbat Incense/Oil 1 drop benzoin oil Equal parts: patchouli, sandalwood, orris, rose, fennel, thyme, rue, chamomile, pennyroyal, vervain --------------------------------------------- Sabut See Mercury --------------------------------------------- Sagittarius Pine Musk Myrrh Juniper Muguet ----------------------------------------------- Samadhi See Spirit Guide ---------------------------------------------- Sanctum Regnum See Kabala ----------------------------------------------- Sandalwood Incense White sandalwood Juniper Vetivert color: white Sandalwood is one of the simplest but most protective fragrances. A very good healing incense and one which attracts psychic vibrations. --------------------------------------------------- Satan Be Gone Incense/Powder Lavender Hyssop Salt Bay Vervain Powder: Sprinkle around a room, the altar, and on the person you are uncrossing. One of the best means of breaking a strong hex. Use with care. Incense: Burn only when uncrossing yourself or a client. One of the best hex breakers. There will probably be strange psychic effects; don't worry about them--just continue your ritual. ----------------------------------------------------- Saturn 4 parts myrrh 1 part elderberry 1 part cypress 1 part yew 1 part patchouli 1 pinch iron filings ------------------------------------------------------ Satyr Oil 1/8 part Saturnian oil (root): Lucky Hand 1/8 part ambergris 1/8 part French musk 1/4 part Civet 1/4 part Valerian 1 drop cinnamon Said to incite the passions of anyone who comes near you. Use with extreme caution. Anoint candles in any love ritual, may also be used as a bath or powder. Place oil at the heart, throat and behind the ears. ------------------------------------------------------- Scorpio Myrrh Cinnamon Civet Vetivert Lemon ------------------------------------------------------ Seax Incense 30% powdered sandalwood 10% powdered myrrh 5% powdered patchouli leaves 5% powdered orris root 10% powdered cinnamon 40% powdered frankincense ------------------------------------------------------- Sekhmet See Protection ------------------------------------------------------- Separation powder Chili Powder Cinnamon Galangal Black Pepper Iron Filings Vetivert Pinch bitter aloes or vetivert Use when you desire to break any relationship. Creates animosity between lovers and business associates. Forces an eventual separation. ------------------------------------------------------ Seven Africans Incense #1 3 parts orris pinch vanilla White sandalwood 1 part cascarilla 2 parts vetivert 1 part sage 2 parts lavender 3 parts rose color:purple #2 1 part rose 2 parts orris 3 parts frankincense 1 part vetivert 1/2 part bay 1 part lavender 1 part lemon color: purple ----------------------------------------------------- Seven Day Uncrossing Basil Bay Clove Hyssop Verbena Pine Needle An excellent blend to use in overcoming a particularly strong curse. Must be sprinkled on the hexed person's head for 7 straight days. ------------------------------------------------------ Seven Day Uncrossing Bath Hyssop Lavender Sage Lemon Bluing Baking Soda Soap Base color: purple ------------------------------------------------------- Shi Shi Incense Clove Bay Angelica color: green Draws wealth and overcomes poverty. Alleged to work very quickly. Very helpful to those who need a stroke of fortune. ------------------------------------------------------ Shoe String Root Powder Vetivert Patchouli Sprinkle around the home to protect the inhabitants against death. Also brings extreme good luck to those who play cards as it invokes lucky spiritual forces. ---------------------------------------------------- Snake Oil #1 Snake Root extract brown coloring #2 Saturated snakeskin plus galangal Used to anoint candles. Protects and lends healing currents to the healer. ------------------------------------------------------- Snuff Powder Tobacco Bayberry Goldenseal Special conjuring dust which should be utilized only when placing a hex on a friend who has betrayed your confidence. Use for no other purpose. It will turn fortune back your way. ------------------------------------------------------ Solar Amber See Sun ------------------------------------------------------ Sortes Sacrae See Sabbat ------------------------------------------------------ Special favors Oil Lime Carnation Gardenia Wintergreen color: green Attracts friendly nature spirits. Anoint altar or room for best of luck and success. ------------------------------------------------------- Special Perfume Oil #20 Gardenia Jasmine Orris Muguet color: red Makes one courageous. Overcomes the effects of the most powerful hexes. Use to uncross. ----------------------------------------------------- Spirit's Guide Perfume Oil Orange oil Lily Acacia color: yellow Assists in communicating with deceased friends and relatives. Sprinkle on ground. Use as an incense or to anoint white candles; however, never wear the oil on one's person. ------------------------------------------------------ Spiritual Vision Incense Cinnamon powder Lo-John powder Cedar oil Orris oil Myrrh color: blue Burn to increase clairvoyant powers. An excellent incense for job hunters. ----------------------------------------------------- Spirit Incense See Spiritual Vision Incense ----------------------------------------------------- Spiritual Good Luck Incense Same as Good Luck Spiritual Incense ----------------------------------------------------- Spiritualist's Powder Patchouli Gum Mastic Cinnamon Dittany of Crete color: yellow A wonderful aid in communicating with the spirit world during a Voodoo seance. Burn with any type of incense and sprinkle all over burning candles. ----------------------------------------------------- Star of the Sea See Minoan ----------------------------------------------------- Starry Wisdom Oil Pine Camphor 1 tsp. nettles 2 drops jasmine 1 drop musk From the Necronomicon. ------------------------------------------------------ Stay At Home Incense/Powder/Floorwash Pulverized bedsheet Clove Allspice Deers Tongue Mullien Sage color: purple Burn incense to force a lover or a mate to stop being unfaithful. Makes them return home and then appreciate it even more than before. Powder: Rub yourself down before going to bed with your lover or mate. He will never be able to leave you for another partner. ------------------------------------------------------- Strega See Queen Bee -------------------------------------------------- Success Incense #1 Patchouli Orris Sandalwood Myrrh Allspice Cinnamon color: green #2 2 parts Orris 1 part allspice 2 parts patchouli 1 part myrrh 1/4 part frankincense 2 parts white sandalwood 2 parts rose petals pinch benzoin color: green Assists in defeating all competition and overcoming all obstacles in the way of success. Especially good when burned to win legal battles. ---------------------------------------------- Sun Frankincense Myrrh ------------------------------------- Sutcha See Health ------------------------------------ Swallow's Blood Incense Dragon's Blood Red Sandalwood Rose Petals Jasmine Orris color: red Designed to bring happiness to those who must travel. Soothes nerves while on the road. ----------------------------------------- Swallow's Eye Incense Same as Swallow's Blood. ----------------------------------------- Swallow's Heart Incense Same as Swallow's Blood.