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Qabal Incense Gum Mastic Lavender Violet Deer's Tongue Gardenia color; Brown A meditation/psychic enhancement blend, this sets up positive vibration current conductive to spirit contact, clairvoyance or telepathic working. ----------------------------------------------------- Queen Bee Same as Queen Oil ---------------------------------------------------- Queen Oil Vetivert Juniper Lavender Honey Gold base oil Use only by women, another procurer of passion, attracts both love and success. Use with care. See King Oil. -------------------------------------------------- Quieting Powder Salt Chalk Dust Sugar Lemon Oil Lavender Oil Balm of Gilead color: blue A special blend designed to induce deeper meditation before Voodoo rituals are held. Sprinkle over the altar and especially on all burning candles. -------------------------------------------------- Quitting Powder Tobacco ashes Nutmeg Cinnamon Powdered newsprint Makes married members of the opposite sex leave you completely alone. Also induces others to stop trying to place hexes on you. Its effect is not noticeable to the person unless they try to bother you, at which point the crossing becomes more intense. ---------------------------------------------------- Q Perfume Oil Myrrh Peppermint Carnation color: red A highly stimulating oil used to entice anyone you deeply desire. Impossible to resist. ________________________________________________ R _____________________________________________ Red Powder Cinnamon color: red Used regularly by lonely women who seek male companionship. Sprinkle on right leg only. Used by prostitutes to increase business. Also see Green Powder for males. Homosexuals use both colors. ------------------------------------------- Red Rose Incense/Powder/Oil Rose Mint color: red Incense: Makes one dream of a future lover or marriage partner. Creates a strong love spell between two people. Is said never to fail. Oil: Special protective oil which wards off the effect of any hex. Attracts love. Powder: Protective powder utilized only to break the power of an evil spell. Overcomes hatred between former friends and associates. -------------------------------------------- Repentant Powder 23rd Psalm burnt to ashes Salt Lavender Hyssop If you feel you have failed to do your best, this powder can be utilized. Use by sprinkling on burning incense before attending a Voodoo service. Cleanses the spirit and aids in purifying the soul. ------------------------------------------ Root Powder Hi-John Lo-John Adam & Eve A special blend to offset the effects of a hex. Use for uncrossing yourself or a friend. Burn with incense and sprinkle on all candles. -------------------------------------------- Rose Incense Muguet Rose Mint Drop of sandalwood Rose Base Makes one dream prophetically. Also a great healing incense. Sprinkle on your pillow at night to inspire prophetic dreams of a positive nature. Very popular in Voodoo circles. ---------------------------------------------- Rosemary Incense Rosemary Orris few drops basil few drops frankincense color: green Excellent purifying agent. Should be carefully sprinkled on and around the altar before starting a ritual. Also place a little by all doors. Burn in a bedroom prior to going to sleep. Will attract good luck. Bath: Same as above with equal parts Florida water and Castile soap --------------------------------------------- Rosy Cross Rose Lotus