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Nefertiti See Isis ----------------------------------------------- Nepenthe See Aunt Sally's Dream Oil ---------------------------------------------- Neptune Ambergris Wild Lettuce ------------------------------------------------ Netra See Uncrossing ------------------------------------------------ Nine Mysteries Oil Orange Violet Wintergreen Excellent for overcoming all domestic or business troubles. Used to bless a business or a home. Sprinkle around a business or a home. Sprinkle around a room, burn as a blessing or attractant incense, or anoint candles with the oil to bring a speedy change in fortune. -------------------------------------------------- Nirvana Incense Cinnamon Curry Coriander Sage Patchouli A special Voodoo incense designed to heighten psychic, clairvoyant and meditative powers. Aids in spirit communication. One of the best to burn while meditating. Used in rituals for communication with the dead or disembodied. ----------------------------------------------------- No Hex Powder Patchouli Hyssop Lavender Salt color: blue A mild hex breaker which should be used only when someone complains of headaches. Offsets the ill effects of a curse only during a full moon; sprinkle some on your head at full moon and burn a suitable uncrossing incense while praying for relief. Also burn one white candle, anointed with a protection, unhexing oil. O Obeah Perfume Oil Myrrh Patchouli Galangal Jasmine Lemon A powerful African oil used to bless churches and Voodoo prayer rooms. Protects against evil in all forms. Use to anoint white altar candles or use in a bath to cover yourself with itys protective fragrance. Banishes bad vibrations and elicits the help and support of white magickal spirits. -------------------------------------------------- Obeah Powder Same as Obeah perfume oil, in a black base. Sprinkle all around the ceremonial room to draw kindly spirit forces and to send away bad vibrations. Use on the altar during Voodoo rituals. --------------------------------------------------- Obitsu Powder Jasmine Violet Citronella color: green Overcomes the most powerful crossing. Keeps all evil away from the user. Extremely protective. A very ancient and highly secret concoction. Use Obitsu powder as a sub-ritual within a major uncrossing ritual for added effectiveness. -------------------------------------------------- Oracle See Psychic Power. ---------------------------------------------------- Orange Powder Orange base Orange Makes those you desire come forth within 7 days. Increases the possibility of a wedding. Sprinkle over burning red and pink candles on the altar of any love ritual. ----------------------------------------------------- Osirus See Pax/Peace P Pan See Satyr ------------------------------------------ Papyrus See Meditation ------------------------------------------ Pax/Peace Lavender lemon Violet Orris Cardamom color: blue Sprinkle for achieving peaceful conditions. Sprinkle in every room including bathroom, and over blue or white altar candles. Makes a relaxing bath and the incense will mellow even the most chaotic conditions. ------------------------------------------- Peace & Protection Incense 4 pts. Lavender 3 pts. Thyme 2 pts. vervain 3 pts. basil 1 pt. frankincense pinch rhue pinch benzoin oil of jasmine couple drops bergamot oil color: blue An ancient formula with unknown origins, this makes an excellent incense, powder or bath herb combination. -------------------------------------------- Peaceful Home Powder Lemon Rose Lilac color: blue Use the same as Pax/Peace, for the same purpose. -------------------------------------------- Pentatruck Myrrh Bay Clove Cinnamon An uncrossing and protection formula. The origins are unknown, but it probably comes from New Orleans as the ingredients are common to the uncrossing potions from that area. -------------------------------------------- Pisces Cucumber Orris Vanilla Lilac Patchouli -------------------------------------------- Power/Power Brand Perfume Oil Cinnamon Magnolia Bay Jasmine color: purple Use as a controlling or conquering oil to get your way. See various spells regarding this. ----------------------------------------------- Pray/Praying Incense Frankincense Sandalwood Vanilla color: blue Ideal for spiritual workings, meditation, or when the spirit is in turmoil. Banishes negative vibrations and attracts only beneficial sprits. -------------------------------------------------- Prosperity Powder Allspice Patchouli Myrrh Cinnamon Sandalwood Orris Orange Peel color: green Rub on hands, sprinkle about the premises, burn a green candle anointed with Money drawing Oil and draw a circle around the candle with the powder. Can also be used as an incense, oil, bath or floorwash. --------------------------------------------------- Protection 4 pts. verbena or vetivert 1 part galangal 1 part peppermint few drops rhue 1 part cinnamon color: blue Used to protect against any hexes, negative vibration or foul mood which may overcome you. Sprinkle powder liberally in your chamber and burn as incense. In bath form, it is excellent as an uncrossing, helps you to maintain immunity to a recurrence of the hexed state. ---------------------------------------------------- Protection and Love 1 part patchouli 2 parts lavender 2 parts orris 1 part lemon 1/2 part vetivert 1/10 part civet 2 parts ambergris or tincture of benzoin or styrax 1 part muguet 1 part musk X ---------------------------------------------------- Psychic Power Powder Gum Mastic Cinnamon Sandalwood Clove Myrrh color: purple Sprinkle when invoking the aid of mystic and spiritual powers. Often used at seances, or when meditating. Anoint the forehead with the oil before retiring, helps to dream prophetically and to focus on one's telepathic abilities. ----------------------------------------------------- Psychon See Spiritual Vision ----------------------------------------------------- Purple Willow Herb Willow Sage