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Maa-Isa See Isis ------------------------------------------- Mad Oil Capsicum Ammonia crystals Coriander Oil Pine oil color: red Brings luck and success to the user. Clears channels for success. Use sparingly, as this can be used to hex others by driving them to insanity. ------------------------------------------- Magick Carpet Sandalwood Rose Henbane ------------------------------------------- Magnet Same as Lucky Lodestone oil. Attracts all forms of luck and love. Draws forth wealth and success in all endeavors. Incense-same as Lucky Lodestone; add sandalwood and cinnamon. ------------------------------------------- Mandrake Perfume Oil Galangal Hyssop Dill Licorice Purple musk base Combination hexing and protection formula. Seldom used, except by very experienced users, as it tends to be highly reversible. The ingredients invoke Elemental levels and must be used with extreme caution. ------------------------------------------ Marie Laveau Peace Holy Water Spring Water Rain water Rose water Lavender color: blue At the turn of the 20th century, Marie Laveau was High Priestess of New Orleans Voodoo. Use like Holy Water and sprinkle throughout the home to bring peace. -------------------------------------------- Mars 4 pts. Dragon's Blood 4 pts. Rue 1 pt. Ginger 1 pt. Peppercorns pinch of sulphur Powdered lodestone -------------------------------------------- Master Oil Deer's Tongue Patchouli Brick Dust color: brown A popular conjure oil used in all love matters. Also brings luck and power in all other things. Used mostly by men in rituals of love, luck or material power. Use a brown candle and use a drop or two of the oil on the palms of the hands when going to important business meetings or any other situation where you must be self-possessed and confident. -------------------------------------------- Meditation Incense/Oil Sandalwood Orris Mastic Cinnamon color: blue A special mixture designed to give off vibrations necessary for meditation and other spiritual work. Especially good for psychic endeavors. A strong spirit attractant and will tend to add success to any ritual. ---------------------------------------------- Memory Drops Rosemary Honey Vanilla Cinnamon Clove color: yellow ----------------------------------------------- Mercury Gum Mastic Cinnamon ----------------------------------------------- Mimosa Magick Oil Acacia Oil Yellow Rose Lilac Bay color; Yellow Rub all over the body before going to sleep. Procures prophetic dreams which are said to come true. Sprinkle powder between your sheets, burn incense, anoint blue or white candles with the oil, use as a bath. It is said this formula will only permit good dreams to come true. ----------------------------------------------- Minoan Incense (Herbal) 10 oz. gloria 10 oz. cedarwood 10 oz. dittany of Crete 2 oz. patchouli 2 oz. calamus 2 oz. mugwort 2 oz. sandalwood 1 oz. camphor 1 oz. ambergris ------------------------------------------------- Minoan Incense/Oil (Liquid) 10 pts. Cedar oil 10 pts. Dittany of Crete oil 2 pts. frankincense oil 2 pts. benzoin oil 2 pts. cinnamon oil 2 pts. sandalwood oil 2 pts. patchouli or pine oil 2 pts. musk oil 8 pts. ambergris 1 pt. hyacinth or narcissus oil 1 pt. camphor oil 1 pt. myrrh oil 1 pt. rose oil 2 pts. honey 2 pts. red wine ---------------------------------------------------- Mint Bouquet Oil Pennyroyal Mint Lemon color: green Removed bad spells, particularly loved by good spirits. When invoking the aid of Voodoo gods, place this oil in a dish as an offering to gain their assistance. ------------------------------------------------------ Money Oil #1 See Money Drawing Powder #2 4 pts. Frankincense 1 pt. Heliotrope 1/2 pt. Bay 1 pt. Orange 1/2 pt. Cinnamon or Cassia 2 pts. Sandalwood (optional) color: Green Used to anoint green candles in any ritual to bring money into the home. This oil is often used as an incense by placing a few drops on charcoal. The oil may be worn or the powder sprinkled in the cash register. -------------------------------------------------------- Money Drawing Powder Powdered frankincense Heliotrope Tonka Gold magnetic sand A special powder mixture designed to protect against suffering from financial losses. Said to attract money and material gain. Bath: Frankincense, Gardenia, Heliotrope, Green Castile base Oil: same, golden oil base ------------------------------------------------------------ Montseurrat Incense 1 pt. balm of Tolu 4 pts. myrrh 6 pts. frankincense 1 pt. cassia 1 pt. star anise 1 pt. oil of lemon 1 pt. vanilla powder 1/2 pt. Naroli crystals 2 pts. white sandalwood 2 pts. deer's tongue ------------------------------------------------------------ Moon Wormwood Camphor ----------------------------------------------------------- Moon Magick see Moon ----------------------------------------------------------- Moss Rose See Red Rose ------------------------------------------------------------ Mount Powder Sweet Basil Rum Bay Thyme Sweet Aloe color: white Rub all over arms and legs to increase physical strength and allure. Very powerful. Increases vitality and increases enthusiasm. Only available as a powder. Sprinkle on the altar of any love ritual. ------------------------------------------------------------ Musk Love Powder Musk oil Violet or orris oil Vetiver color: red Musk is one of the most p[owerful sexual attractants. Develops confidence and builds much self-reliance. Strengthens will power and persistence. Works especially well with shy people. Usually used by women, homosexual men will find it a valuable brew when used as a bath prior to going out. ------------------------------------------------------------ Mystic Incense Same as Good Luck Mystic ------------------------------------------------------------ Mystic Rites Incense Same as Good Luck Mystic ------------------------------------------------------------ Mystic Powder Same as Good Luck Mystic ------------------------------------------------------------ Mystic Ritual Powder Same as Good Luck Mystic