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Kabala Powder Myrtle Cedar Frankincense color; Purple A strong attraction powder which allows its user to easily communicate with the spirits. Must be used only while in solitude, never in a group ceremony. Use only with white candles. -------------------------------------------- Khus Khus Jasmine Oleander Add to bath water and it will make you irresistible to the opposite sex. Also increases sales in business. ----------------------------------------------- Kindly Spirit Lily Hyacinth Lemon Color: Blue Makes others like you and feel sympathy for you under all circumstances. Use in any ritual where you are seeking to overcome loneliness or where you need a friendly shoulder to cry on. --------------------------------------------- King of the Woods Saturn root Civet Musk Vanilla Cypress Color; Green Used by men, it is a sexual domination formula. Homosexual men seeking to attract other males should see Satyr Oil. -------------------------------------------- King Solomon Oil Solomons Seal Hyssop Rose color: Red Brings forth wisdom and intuitiveness. Makes the user more psychic than before. Draws wealth. use in any ritual where the faculties are to be called into play. --------------------------------------------- King's Perfume Oil Frankincense Use to improve lovemaking ability and locate a better job. Attracts love from those of the opposite sex. Expect great changes when using this oil. Used by men, women should use Queen's Perfume. Anoint success or luck objects to heighten their magnetism. --------------------------------------------- Kore See #20 Love Oil -------------------------------------------- Kundalini See Satyr Oil --------------------------------------------- Kyoto Powder Orris Vanilla Clove Lavender color: Blue or purple Sprinkle on the head of anyone desiring assistance in overcoming illness or bad luck. Creates a more positive attitude in all who utilize it. ---------------------------------------------- Kyphi Incense #1 Musk Myrrh Olibanum Storax Balm of Gilead Cassia Lotus #2 Myrrh Frankincense Honey Red Wine Cypress Storax An excellent banishing incense. Used to banish negativity, evil spirits or bad luck. Beneficial in attracting healing spirits. L Lady Luck Incense Rose Cinnamon Patchouli Use only before gambling. Will assist you in winning with regularity. Used as a bath for those seeking prophetic dreams or a change in luck. --------------------------------------------------------- La Flamme Oil Musk Ambergris Bay Myrtle color: red Forces a loved one always to think only of you. Carries an enticing odor of enticement and promise. Use with a red figure candle or anoint seals or talismans to accomplish the desired effect. ---------------------------------------------------------- Leo Frankincense Musk Rose Lemon Patchouli Balm of Gilead -------------------------------------------------------- Libra Lavender Chamomile Cassia Lily -------------------------------------------------------- Lodestone Powdered iron filings Galangal oil Citronella oil color: grey A very potent protective incense. Always brings the best of luck. Breaks hexes. A favorite luck blend, also used in uncrossings. --------------------------------------------------------- Lobban Frankincense Bergamot Lemon Lilac color: green A strong purifying incense. Use before and after conducting rituals. Cleanses of evil spirits. ---------------------------------------------------------- Lost and Away Dirt from crossroads Mistletoe Sulfur Orris Sage color: brown Said to be one of the most powerful of powders for getting rid of someone. Similar in effect to Get Away and employed in the same manner. ----------------------------------------------------------- Love and Success Allspice Orris Cinnamon Bay White sandalwood color: red Assists in locating happiness in marriage and great success in all things attempted. Use for anointing red and pink candles. ------------------------------------------------------------ Love Breaker Graveyard dirt Vetivert Patchouli Lemon Grass Used to spoil a love affair or marriage. Can be used on self or mate if split is desired. Can also be used to rid oneself of undesired attention. ------------------------------------------------------------ Love Herbs/Love Herbs Oil Same as Loveage Herbs/ Loveage Oil ------------------------------------------------------------ Love Incense Orris Musk Sandalwood Violet Gardenia color: pink A highly magnetic incense which is used to draw potential lovers and mates to your side. Molded into hearts with saltpeter, gum arabic, alcohol. ------------------------------------------------------------ Love Oil Coconut or palm oil base Musk Frangipani color: red Brings luck in all love matters. Makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. ------------------------------------------------------------ #20 Love Oil 1 pt. Almond 2 pts. Rose 2 pts. Lavender 1 pt. Bay 1 pt. Lemon color: red A special love oil formula from New Orleans. A favorite among prostitutes. ------------------------------------------------------------ Love Me Perfume Oil Vanilla Cinnamon Jasmine Khus Khus color: red Increases sexual magnetism and potency. Use sparingly for it is extremely strong. May be used to anoint candles in love rituals and also makes a fine aromatic bath mixture. ------------------------------------------------------------ Love Powder Lavender Lemon Tonka Frankincense color: Blue base Blue: To be used only by females. Toss in the face of a male or secretly place in his clothing. Makes him more sexually attracted to your charms. Green: Attracts money to a marriage when the participants are truly in love. Use liberally, substitute basil for tonka. Red: sprinkle or toss on any person you secretly desire. They will be unable to resist for long. Substitute yohimbe for tonka. Yellow: No reason given. Substitute almond for tonka. White: sprinkle on newlyweds before they leave for their honeymoon. Increases understanding and brings peace of mind. Gardenia Lilac Muguet Lily color:white Orange: sprinkle on any couple who seems to be having difficulty adjusting. Solves all problems. Substitute cassia or Lo-John for tonka. Pink: to be used only by males. Sprinkle a little on the female's clothing or toss a little in her face. Makes her more passionate in your presence. Substitute rosebuds for tonka. Purple: No reason given, probably for gays. Substitute violet oil for tonka. ------------------------------------------------------ Lover's Incense Musk root powder Musk oil Civet Ambergris Patchouli color: red Increases a person's natural psychic magnetism. Makes you much more dynamic and sensual. ------------------------------------------------------ Luck Around Business Pulverized dollar bill Gold sand Powdered frankincense Heliotrope oil Color: green Brings an increase in business. Draws new customers. Commonly used by prostitutes in New Orleans since early times. Said to work well. Any way it is used, as a powder, incense, floorwash, oil, it is said to be effective. ------------------------------------------------------ Lucky Dog Oil Vanilla Cinnamon Strawberry Watermelon color: green An aid to gamblers. Rub on hands before throwing dice or dealing cards. Brings financial gain. -------------------------------------------------------- Lucky Lodestone Oil Cinnamon Lavender Lodestone in bottle color: red An excellent all-around oil for developing good fortune and changing bad luck to good. ---------------------------------------------------------- Lucky Mystic Powder Silver magnetic sand Sweet basil oil Vetivert oil color: white An excellent blend designed for attracting good. Aids in establishing clairvoyance, attracts prophetic dreams. -------------------------------------------------------- Lucky Powder Lime Orange Peach Blossom Oil Melon Oil color: yellow A special blend designed to stop infidelity from taking plane in any marriage. If, however, the person is not involved in merely a sexual affair, but is within a deeper involvement with someone else, this will be ineffective. ------------------------------------------------------- Lucky 7 Root Nutmeg Vetivert Tonka Patchouli Adam & Eve Lo-John Hi-John Protects against being hexed or crossed by an unknown enemy. This root is said to be especially good when gambling or taking risks of any kind. -------------------------------------------------------- Lucky Spirit Powder Bitter Orange Citronella color: white Another hex-breaking powder. Place in all the corners of the house and on the altar. Attracts all helpful spirits. They in turn will reverse the curse. --------------------------------------------------------- Luv Luv Luv Oil Angelica Clove Cucumber color: rose A special blend of oils used to attract those already taken by someone else. Use of this oil makes him notice you. May also be used to attract women.