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India Bouquet Ginger Cinnamon Coriander Myrrh Cardamom color: white A blend designed to draw the opposite sex. Creates an atmosphere of attraction, brings harmony to quarreling couples, ends the problem of marital infidelity. Used in love rituals to ensure tranquility. ------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------- Indian Incense sandalwood cinnamon benzoin ----------------------------------------------- Inflammatory Confusion oak ashes fennel musk color: red Increases confusion when lovers are cheating. Stops infidelity. Sprinkle around the altar and on a figure candle representing the one who is cheating. Some practitioners suggest sprinklind a bit of the powder on the wandering one's undergarments. ------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------- Inflammatory Incense Burn to make someone passionate when you are together. An incense of sensuality. The inclusion of chili pepper turns this into one of the most passionate of the love/sex incenses. Same as Inflammatory Confusion, with chili pepper. ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------- Initiation See Esbat Oil ---------------------------------------- Inspiring Powder Pine Lily Hyacinth Clove color: purple Sprinkle on any person who needs a boost in morale. Builds confidence and inspires them to do good deeds. makes people feel optimistic about life. Said to make creativity come easily. ------------------------------------------------------------ --- Instigation Hyssop Verbena Clove Galangal Coffee color; brown A wonderful blend designed to make others initiate new projects. Adds to their creativity and helps them to accomplish difficult endeavors. A mild commanding/compelling mixture and has positive side effects when used cautiously. ------------------------------------------------------------ ------ Isis Perfume Oil Orris oil Sweet Flag oil color: purple Helps increase determination, will power, and the ability to concentrate. ------------------------------------------------------------ -- Ishtar See Astarte ---------------------------------------------- Isis Powder Same as above, blue base ---------------------------------------------- Isis Oil Myrrh Vetivert Frankincense Orange Rind Civet Styrax Myrtle color: blue Develops mild passion in the user. A sexually stimulating perfume. Popular with married couples who have lost the magick of love feelings. Guaranteed to bring on unexpected prowess and sexual pleasures. J --------------------------- Jalop Powder #1 Galangal #2 1/4 pt. brimstone 1 pt. Blessing Incense 3 pts. Vanillin powder 1 pt. Orris 6 pts. Rosemary 1 pt. Jalop powder (High John root) color: white The foremost of blessing and protection powders. Use in any service where special spiritual protection is desired. ------------------------------------------------------------ -- Jamaica Bush Powder Patchouli Vetivert Lemon Jasmine Wonderful for helping bring luck while gambling or investing. Attracts good fortune in all areas of life. Use sparingly. Used mainly as a bath; one should relax and meditate on success. ------------------------------------------------------------ -- Jamiaca Ginger Water Water Ginger fragrance ------------------------------------------------------- Jinx Incense Clove Cyclamen Base of the appropriate color Black-Burn to ward off evil spirits and to break a hex. Also used to purify altars before using for rituals conducted for placing curses and casting hexes. Green-Burn to gain financial wealth and general success in everything you attempt. Purple-Burn to increase clairvoyant powers. Makes one more deeply psychic. Red-Burn to attract potential marriage partners and new lovers. Always works wonders. ------------------------------------------------------------ -- Jinx Removing (Inside) Mint Wintergreen color: Blue An extremely powerful powder which helps offset the effects of evil spells, hexes and curses. Carefully sprinkle all around the inside of a house. Will protect all who reside there. ------------------------------------------------------------ - Jinx Removing (outside) chamomile color: blue Same as Jinx Removing powder except that it is to be used in the yard and on the front and back doors. Use both for best results, at the time of the new moon. ------------------------------------------------------- Jinx Removing Incense Rose Geranium Clove Deerstongue color: blue An extremely powerful incense for covering the ill-effects of the most horrible curse. Frequently used as a floorwash. ----------------------------------------------------------- Jinx Removing Bath Same as Dragon's Blood Crystal Bath -------------------------------------------------------- Jockey Club Perfume Oil Cinnamon Piece of tanned leather Carnation oil Clove Bay A strong hex breaker. Used only for uncrossing purposes. Can be depended upon to protect against all evil-doings. Never use for any other purpose. ----------------------------------------------------------- John the Conqueror Powder/Incense Same as High John. Incense-best when utilized for uncrossing purposes. Removes all curses and hexes enemies. Good to win court cases and win at gambling. Powder-Sprinkle on anyone who has been badly hexed. Helps to eliminate all curses and evil spells. Sprinkle in the courtroom and you will win the case. ----------------------------------------------------------- Joy Acacia Carnation Camellia color: yellow Another sexual stimulant and attraction powder. Draws the opposite sex to you. Also creates feelings of happiness when you are depressed about anything. ---------------------------------------------------------- Ju Ju Oil Myrrh Mimosa Jasmine Patchouli An extremely powerful oil used to cross enemies and uncross clients. A very protective item. ---------------------------------------------------------- Jua Jua Powder Gardenia Rose Mimosa color; white Use to cross those you dislike and to uncross friends and yourself. Similar in effect to Ju Ju powder. Extremely protective. Very popular in Voodoo rituals. --------------------------------------------------------- Jupi Same as Jua Jua powder -------------------------------------- Jupiter Anise Mint Hyssop Chervil Liverwort Juniper ----------------------------------- Jury Winning Powder Hydrangea Hi-John Lo-John Asafoetida color; purple Sprinkle on the judges seat and in the jury box to help win a court case. Said to work well. Sprinkle around a purple candle in a protection ritual when concerned about a court case. ----------------------------------------------------------- Jyoti Galangal Powdered Nasturtium seeds Patchouli color: brown Use while trying to overcome the hex of an enemy and to gain financially. A purifying agent. Sprinkle powder around the premises or burn the incense for protection and purification.