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Gypsy Gold See Crown of Success ---------------------------------------------- Gypsy Love See Attraction ---------------------------------------------- Gemini Violet Lavender Heliotrope Cassia Thyme Myrtle --------------------------------------------- Get Away Powder Red (Arrowroot) Sulfur Pinch Asophoetida Chili Powder Sprinkle in the path of anyone you wish to stop bothering you. Also place on your window ledges and front doorstep. Turns people away on contact. ---------------------------------------------- Glow of Attraction Same as Attraction ---------------------------------------------- Go Away Same as Get Away ----------------------------------------------- God Fire Pine Musk Cinnamon ----------------------------------------------- Goddess of Evil Black Iron Filings Low John Black horsehair (pinch) Protects you from all bad spells and allows you to cast hexes on others. Sprinkle on altar before conducting services. Also place a little on the floor. This formula is used as a protective and hexing agent. For protection sprinkle on the altar (temple) before conducting services. If added to a Voodoo doll, for example, it will put a strong hex on whomever you dont like ----------------------------------------------- Goddess of Love Powder Rose Rose oil Mint oil Musk oil A very powerful aphrodisiac which must be utilized with extreme care. Rub on your hands prior to meeting with a potential lover. Brings out the total animal instincts in those you desire. ----------------------------------------------- Golden Dawn See Tiphareth ----------------------------------------------- Good Luck Same as Good Luck Mystic ----------------------------------------------- Good Luck Mystic Red Hi-John Lo-John Cinnamon Squill A highly spiritual blend which makes one dream prophetically. A psychic developer ----------------------------------------------- Good Luck Spiritual White Lavender Rose Geranium A favorite of many Voodooists who have natural clairvoyance. Makes them feel more vibrations in a room at any given time. ----------------------------------------------- Goofer Dust # 1 Patchouli leaves Mullein Vetivert powder Dirt from grave # 2 Patchouli leaves Dirt from Graveyard Dirt dug up from a graveyard. Best when taken from an open grave. Use for hexing purposes (Note: One can omit "Dirt from Grave" and still maintain a very powerful formula indeed!) ----------------------------------------------- Goona Goona Incense Orange Powdered Nutmeg Orris powder Rose oil Patchouli oil A special blend used only to create an atmosphere of trust and understanding. ----------------------------------------------- Graveyard Dirt/Dust or Graveyard Mystic Powder or Spiritual Powder Same as Goofer Dust ----------------------------------------------- Green Powder Green Musk Used by lonely men who seek femal companionship. Sprinkle on left leg and if desired place a small amount in the "private" area. Also see Red Powder for females. Homosexuals use Lavender or Purple base. ----------------------------------------------- Haitian Gambler Patchouli Lemon Jasmine Use to banish a streak of even the worst luck. Very good for anointing talismans, seals, ouanga bags, playing cards etc. ----------------------------------------------- Haitian Jungle Powder Red Cinnamon Hi-John White Sandalwood A secret blend of Voodoo Powders which are used to avert hexes and to cast spells on others you dislike intensely. Use sparingly. Not recommended for novices. ----------------------------------------------- Haitian Love Drops Red Honey Cloves Cinnamon Lemon Rum Almond Mint Yohimbe Natural only. To be consumed. ----------------------------------------------- Haitian Lover Red Cinnamon Anise Orris Clove Sassafras An excellent formula for men only. Very effective when used on a red female figure candle. ----------------------------------------------- Happy Times White Orange Vanilla Strawberry Sprinkle liberally around a room. Changes luck and reverses unfortunate circumstances. Good to eliminate poverty. ----------------------------------------------- Has No Hanna Oil Orange Rose Gardenia Open safety pin Iron filings A wonderful anointing oil designed to bring luck and good fortune to believers. Use liberally when feeling depressed. ----------------------------------------------- Has No Hanna Incense Tangerine base Use to anoint orange and white figure candle (representing yourself) Burn every day for seven days, also a drop placed in the corners of your temple is very protective. ----------------------------------------------- Health Oil Yellow, Blue or Natural Rose Carnation Citron Gardenia Used to anoint candles, talismans, or anything pertinent to healing rituals. ----------------------------------------------- Heather See Zorba ----------------------------------------------- Hecate See Goddess of Evil ----------------------------------------------- Heka See Kyphi ----------------------------------------------- Hells Devil Red Capsium oil Mustard oil (drop) Black peppercorns One of the best oils to use for placing a hex on someone. Dress black candles for this purpose and it will strengthen their power to cause harm. Use with caution. ----------------------------------------------- Helping Hand Yellow Vanilla Wintergreen Khus Khus Narcissus Brings harmony to a stormy marriage. Burn only at night when retiring. Gives peace of mind. As an oil use to anoint white or pink candles. ----------------------------------------------- Herb Oil Green Basil Oil Oregano Oil Sage Oil Thyme Oil Lemon Oil Brings good luck in gambling and will increase the memory of anyone who burns it. Also commonly used as health oil. ----------------------------------------------- Hermes Incense Purple Lavender Mastic Cinnamon Aids in developing concentration and creativity. Always use when preparing to meditate. ----------------------------------------------- Hetep See Success ----------------------------------------------- Hex Bane See Banishing or Satan Be Gone ----------------------------------------------- High Altar Brand White Van Van Almond Burn only on an altar which has been blessed and good spirits will come. Use oil to anoint heads during Voodoo Baptismal services. Dress the altar and the candles with this potent oil. It attracts only good spirits. ----------------------------------------------- High Conquering Red Hi-John Vetivert Bergamot A very powerful means of attracting wealth, prestige, love and health. Use generously when changes are desired. Works rather quickly. One of the best oils for good work. ----------------------------------------------- High John The Conqueror Brings unbelievable amounts of good luck to those present while it burns. Same as High Conquering. ----------------------------------------------- Hindu See Van Van ----------------------------------------------- Holiness Powder Same as Holy Spirit Powder ----------------------------------------------- Holy Incense Burn for protection from all evil. Also said to be one of the best healing incenses. Same as Holy Oil. ----------------------------------------------- Holy Oil Olive Oil base Lily Oil Rose Oil Cross in bottle A special oil used only for blessing candles before they are used in a Voodoo ritual. Very attracting. ----------------------------------------------- Holy Spirit Powder White Lily of the Valley Lemon Silver glitter Used only for dressing candles and the altar. Sprinkle liberally. Attracts good spirit forces. Brings out clairvoyant powders. ----------------------------------------------- Holy Herbs Chamomile Thyme Tarragon Cinnamon Parsley Cardamon Brew into a tea and serve. Let the steam slowly rise in front of you while calling on the spirits. Also used in bath water for protection and healing power. ----------------------------------------------- Horn of Plenty Orange Apple Cherry Vanilla Lime Khus Khus Rub on forehead and on body to force a change of fortune. Overcomes poverty and brings much wealth and prestige to the practitioner. ----------------------------------------------- Horus See Sun ----------------------------------------------- Hot Foot Powder Chili powder Red Sandalwood Black pepper Cinnamon Pinch of Sulfur A hexing powder used when you wish to make an enemy uncomfortable. Doesnt hurt anyone permanently. Simply causes temporary suffering. ----------------------------------------------- House Blessing Blue Cucumber or Melon Oil Lavender Basil Hyssop A special blend used only to cleanse and purify a house and to protect from evil spirits. Burn in pottery roof tile. ----------------------------------------------- House Dressing Blue Van Van Lavender Hyssop Incense brings luck and blessing where it is burned. Sprinkle powder in all corners of any house and by each window and door. Attracts good luck and protects the inhabitants from all evil. -----------------------------------------------