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I will make a statement here concerning the flying ointments. I wrestled with including these and finally decided that I would for historical purposes and because they are a matter of factual interest only. These are highly toxic and highly illegal in a lot of areas. Use common sense! I know I don't need to tell you old timers or for that matter a lot of you mature newbies but there will always be one who thinks they are invincible and any choice you make after reading this is to carve your own fate for good or ill. ---------------------------------------------------------- Earth Incense Special Nutmeg (1) Oak Moss (1) Orris (2) Rosemary (1) Myrrh (2) Sandalwood Red (2) Benzoin (1) Vanilla Powder (1) Patchouli (4) Basil (4) Allspice (3) Chamomile (3) Bay (2) cardamon (1) Cinnamon (2) Juniper Berries (1) Vetivert (2) ---------------------------------------------------------- Easy Life Powder Brown Gum Mastic Cloves Ginger Lemon Orange peel Cassia A special blend which allows you to relax while others do your work. Sprinkle on any person you wish to gain control over. Lets you dominate their thoughts. ---------------------------------------------------------- Easy Times Green Lilac Clove Pieces of cut-up-dollar bill ---------------------------------------------------------- Easy Wrath Powder Blue Ashes Red Pepper Rose Jasmine Sandalwood Toss on any person who is angry over something you have done. Eliminates all feelings of animosity. Also good for overcoming hatred. ---------------------------------------------------------- Egyptian Body Oil See Caliph's Beloved ---------------------------------------------------------- Egyptian Temple Purple Myrrh Balm of Gilead Frankincense Orange Peel Lotus Costus (Sweet Flag) The basic purpose of this mixture is to purify, banish and make sacred the temple area. ---------------------------------------------------------- Egyptian Vision See Spiritual Vision ---------------------------------------------------------- Eleventh Degree Oil Frankincense Ambergris Rose Lily Lilac Almond Coconut Oil ---------------------------------------------------------- Ending Oil Take white plate. Make three crosses in red coloring. Wash with Van Van into receptacle. Make sure the crosses dissolve into the Van Van ---------------------------------------------------------- Enochian Frankincense Rose Hyssop Myrrh ---------------------------------------------------------- Envy & Jealousy Powder Bayberry Vetivert Sassafras Arrowroot Eases feelings of jealousy when placed on the door of anyone you wish to gain confidence with. Use sparingly. ---------------------------------------------------------- Esbat Incense Patchouli Calamus Mugwort Cinnamon Sandalwood Ambergris Camphor (to scent0 ---------------------------------------------------------- Esbat Oil Mint Vervain ---------------------------------------------------------- Eve Oil Red Apple Blossom Rose Lemon Oil (For Powder Use Blue) A very powerful aphrodisiac. Use sparingly and with care. ---------------------------------------------------------- Evil Eye Perfume Oil Take white plate. Draw eye with blue coloring. Wash into receptacle with Van Van. A highly protective oil which aids the user in averting evil spells and hexes. Rub on hands daily for seven days, protection lasts up to one year. Exorcism See Satan Be Gone ---------------------------------------------------------- Fast Luck Incense/Oil/Powder/Bath/Floorwash Green Patchouli Rose Juniper Berries Fast Scrubbing Incense Blue Bottle Florida Water Vetivert twig A special blend of 13 oils which is burned with incense for luck and success in all types of business endeavors. Makes an excellent floorwash. ---------------------------------------------------------- Fiery Command Incense Red Dragon's Blood Frankincense Myrrh Forces all other people to do your every bidding without a second thought. Use with care. ---------------------------------------------------------- Fiery Wall of Protection Same as Fiery Command except add Salt. The extra ingredient helps protect the user against any magickal attack or unexpected rebound. Restrains anyone from placing an evil hex on you. Sprinkle around a room to help ward off curses. Place by all windows and doors. ---------------------------------------------------------- Fire of Love Incense Red Patchouli Civit Musk Creates a mystical love spell and draws others to you. Increases your sexuality. ---------------------------------------------------------- Fire of Passion Incense Makes the opposite sex desire you more passionately. Overcomes resistance to advances. A very potent formula indeed! Same as Fire of Love except add Pine or Ambergris. ---------------------------------------------------------- Five Circles White Plate Brown Bamba wood base 1) Make a circle on plate with Neroli oil (Orange Blossom); rub bamba wood base on circle to remove oil. 2) Make circle with Sweet Basil, rub, etc. 3) Make circle with Lemon Verbena oil, rub, etc. 4) Make circle with Myrtle oil, rub, etc. 5) Make circle with Narcissus oil, rub, etc. Helps foresee the future. Anoint the forehead and bedroom. An extremely psychic formula. Use in tiny amounts. ---------------------------------------------------------- Flame of Desire Same as Flaming Power ---------------------------------------------------------- Flaming Power Red Cinnamon Galangal Bay Make you more exciting to those of the opposite sex. Burn with great care to avoid problems. Overuse can excite your lover to a highly possessive and jealous state. ---------------------------------------------------------- Florida Water # 1 1 gal. 90 proof alcohol 1 dm. Lemon 1 dm. Portugal 2 dm. Lavender 2 dm. Clove 1/8 dm. Canella (Cinnamon) 1 pint water These formulas can be proportionally reduced to suit your needs and requirements. ---------------------------------------------------------- Florida Water # 2 1/2 gal. 90 proof alcohol 1 oz. Lavender 1 oz. Bergamot 1 dm. Lemon 1 dm. Cloves 1 gallon water ---------------------------------------------------------- Florida Water # 3 1 gal. 75 proof alcohol 3 oz. Bergamot 4 oz. Cinnamon 2 oz. Benzoin ---------------------------------------------------------- Florida Water # 4 2 dm. Lavender 2 dm. Bergamot 2 dm. Lemon 1 dm. Tincture of Tumeric 20 drops Oil of Palm 10 drops Oil of Rose 1 dm. Neroli 2 pts. 27 proof Alcohol ---------------------------------------------------------- Flying Devil Oil Black Black pepper Dragon's Blood Cassia Patchouli A special Voodoo uncrossing oil used to overcome the power of a strong ouanga or hex. Very dependable and is said to work very quickly. ---------------------------------------------------------- Flying Incense Gum Mastic Calamus Cinnamon Musk Juniper Sandalwood Ambergris Patchouli Hemp To gain "the Sight" Equal amounts of each. ---------------------------------------------------------- Flying Ointment # 1 100 gm Lard 5 gm Hasheesh Handful of Hemp flowers Handful of Poppy flowers Pinch of powdered Hellebore Root Pinch ground Sunflower seeds ---------------------------------------------------------- Flying Ointment # 2 3 gm. Agnanthol 50 gm. Extract of Opium 30 gm extract of Betel 15 gm. Extract of Belladonna 15 gm. Extract of Hemlock 250 gm. Extract of Indian Hemp 5 gm. Extract of Cantharides 5 gm. Extract of Gum Tragacouth 5 gm. Extract of Powdered Sugar ---------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me Boy Purple Vanilla Rose Jasmine Piece of coral Gold Glitter A favorite among prostitutes to increase and insure financial gain. ---------------------------------------------------------- Four Thieves Vinegar High John Vetivert Adam & Eve Low-John or Black Pepper Base Red Wine Vinegar Is alleged to drive enemies from your door. ---------------------------------------------------------- French Bracelet Rose Frangipani Lavender Dittany of Crete Red velvet stuffed with herbs. ---------------------------------------------------------- French Creole Oil Purple Lilac Musk Bay Lime A special oil designed to make your dreams come true. Helps to interpret dreams prophetically. ---------------------------------------------------------- French Love Powder White Musk Orris Ambergris Vetivert Increases psychic powers and helps you to recall dreams in their entirety. Exposes deceitful people who are working against you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------