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Damask Rose See Luv,Luv,Luv ------------------------------------------------ Dambalah See Obeah ------------------------------------------------ Damnation Powder Black Burnt ashes from palm leaves Holy water Beer Myrrh Lavendar Another very powerful powder used for hexing an individual you dislike. Sprinkle on burning incense while repeating his name nine times. Use with extreme caution. ------------------------------------------------ Deja Vu See meditation ------------------------------------------------ Delight Powder Red Sandalwood Rose Melon A popular and potent love powder which is most effective when sprinkled on a lover. Forces all inhibitions to leave for the moment. Increases pleasures. ------------------------------------------------ Desire See Come To Me ------------------------------------------------ Devil's Master Incense Red Cinnamon Red Sandalwood Chili Powder Burn to gain power over those of the opposite sex you strongly desire. ------------------------------------------------ Devil's Oil Same as Devil's Master A hexing oil. Rub or throw on an enemy to create strife and to cause bodily harm. Often brings on illness then eventual death unless the hex is removed. ------------------------------------------------ Devil's Snuff Powder Same as Devil's Master, but add bayberry Use to dust your hands carefully for temporarily blinding all opponents. Stops others from interfering in your personal business. ------------------------------------------------ Divination See Spiritualist ------------------------------------------------ Dixie Love Perfume Oil Red Patchouli Cinnamon Jasmine A powerful attraction oil which induces those of the opposite sex to readily give in to your every whim. It inspires romance and lovemaking. makes all charms even more appealing. ------------------------------------------------ Domination Same as compelling/controlling/commanding Allows the user to gain complete control over other people. Stops others from casting evil hexes. May reverse the effect of an intended spell. ------------------------------------------------ Double Cross Same as Crossing One of the most powerful of all hexing powders known in Voodoo practice. Sprinkle with much caution. Will enable you to cross or hex anyone you wish. ------------------------------------------------ Double Cross Incense Black Mistletoe powder Red Sandalwood Bluing Powder Corn meal Sage ------------------------------------------------ Double Fast Luck Incense Green Same as Fast Luck with powdered dollar bill A very powerful means of increasing your luck in all areas of life. ------------------------------------------------ Dove's Blood Incense Red Dragon's Blood (4) Rose oil Bay oil A special blend of incense designed to bring peace of mind and happiness. ------------------------------------------------ Dove's Blood Ink 1 pt. Dragon's Blood 2 drops Cinnamon 2 drops Bay 10 parts Alcohol 1 part Gum Arabic 2 drops Rose Oil ------------------------------------------------ Dove's Eye Incense Red Red carnation petals Frankincense Vanilla Cardamon Marjoram Use for same purpose as Dove's Blood Incense. Works equally well. ------------------------------------------------ Dove's Heart Incense Pink Lavender Rose Wisteria Lilac Will calm restless souls and solve all problems of the heart. Soothes love feelings. ------------------------------------------------ Dragon's Blood Crystal Bath Red Rock Salt base Red Coloring Pinch Dragon's Blood Drop Cinnamon Oil Drop Mint oil A protective bath, said to attract peace of mind and love. ------------------------------------------------ Dragon's Blood Ink 1 pt. Dragon's Blood 15 parts Alcohol 1 part Arabic ------------------------------------------------ Dragon's Blood Oil Same as Dragon's Blood Ink, except oil instead of alcohol Use only for uncrossing a friend who has been hexed. Used to anoint the hexed person; not used for candle anointing. Works best at midnight in a cemetery. ------------------------------------------------ Draw Across Powder Red Footprint in dirt Patchouli leaves Cinnamon A special blend utilized to increase sexual magnetism. Pulls others to you and forces friendships to develop. A popular mixture. (Brings people to you; sprinkle around the home) ------------------------------------------------ Draw Back Powder Red Dragon's Blood Sprinkle all around your home. No one will be able to cast a spell on you. Prevents hexing from ever taking place. Reverses the effect of evil things. ------------------------------------------------ Draw Back Incense Red Dragon's Blood A restrainer. Stops others from placing any type of hex or curse on you. Burn in combination with sprinkling Get Away Powder ------------------------------------------------ Drawing Powder Blue Jasmine Violet Lavender Rub on your hands and sprinkle around the altar before calling the spirits. Helps attract good luck and assistance in all important matters. Assists in quieting the nerves as well. ------------------------------------------------ Dreams of Delight Powder See Aunt Sally's Dream Powder ------------------------------------------------ Dream Incense See Aunt Sally's Dream Powder ------------------------------------------------ Dressing Incense Van Van Purifies a room and those in attendance for special services. Burn in a series of seven, at the start and end of your service. ------------------------------------------------ Drive and Bind See Binding ------------------------------------------------ Druidic Holy See Altar ------------------------------------------------ Dryad See King of the Woods ------------------------------------------------ ======================================