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Caliph's Beloved Oil Red Musk Ambergris Coriander Cardamon Carnation A special oil developed to incite sexual feelings and attract lovers. A popular aphrodisiac. ---------------------------------------------------------- Cancer Cucumber Camphor Water Lily Musk Clove ---------------------------------------------------------- Capricorn Valerian Pine Ylang Ylang Galangal Wisteria ---------------------------------------------------------- Cat's Blood Incense Red Real cat's blood (optional) Orris Frankincense Tonka Ginger A very potent spell or hex-breaker, used in uncrossing rituals. Breaks the most powerful spells when burned on a special altar covered with white silk. ---------------------------------------------------------- Cat's Eye and Cat's Heart Same as Cat's Blood. Use for same purpose as Cat's Blood Incense. Formula is the same. ---------------------------------------------------------- Cernunnos # 1 Pine Snadalwood Civit Valerian Musk Cinnamon Frankincense ---------------------------------------------------------- Cernunnos # 2 Oak Leaves Sandalwood Allspice Coriander Cedar Carnation ---------------------------------------------------------- Chypre Oil Green Vanilla Bay Galangal Rub on hands before gambling for luck. It will guarantee winning. Also brings other financial gain. This is most effective when your hands actually come into contact with the gambling materials (dice, cards,etc.) ---------------------------------------------------------- Circe See Cancer ---------------------------------------------------------- Cleopatra Oil Blue Balm of Gilead Musk Orange Frankincense As oil only for lovers. It entices the stranger you secretly desire. Excites and arouses those you love to come forth and respond. An aphrodisiac. (Use to anoint pink candle in love rituals) ---------------------------------------------------------- Cleopatra Incense Blue Pine Bark (16) Sandalwood (24) Orris (8) Patchouli (8) Myrrh (8) Olbanum (8) Wood Base (8) The best for love problems ---------------------------------------------------------- Come To Me Red Rose Jasmine Gardenia Lemon Oil A very powerful attraction recipe used only when you desire to force a certain stranger to feel strong sexual responses toward you. USE WITH CARE ---------------------------------------------------------- Commanding & Compelling/Controlling # 1 Patchouli (4) Vetivert (4) Lime (1) Bay (1) For getting others to do as we wish. Use with caution, as these formulas get very close to black magick, interfering as they do with another's will. ---------------------------------------------------------- Commanding/Controlling/Compelling # 2 Brown Allspice Orris Patchouli Cinnamon Sandalwood Clove ---------------------------------------------------------- Concentration Black Mastic Cinnamon Myrrh Anoint forehead with small amount to aid in solving a problem. Clears the mind, inspires sudden insights into problems. ---------------------------------------------------------- Confusion Black Vetivert Lavendar Galangal Burnt knotted shoelace Confuses those who are trying to cast a spell on you. Breaks all forms of hexes. Acts almost instantaneously. Works better when hex is new, but it is a good idea to keep some on hand for emergencies. ---------------------------------------------------------- Conquering Glory Powder/Incense Green Gloria Tonka Assists the user in overcoming any obstacles in the path to success. Sprinkle powder on hands and feet each morning. Good for overcoming timidity. (Add Gold Leaf to Powder) ---------------------------------------------------------- Consecration See Van Van ---------------------------------------------------------- Controlling Red Clove Vetivert Storax Particularly useful with love rituals; use with red male figure candle; mix with Voo doo doll stuffing herbs. ---------------------------------------------------------- Courting Powder Muguet Excellent when carefully sprinkled on or near someone you care for. Makes him respond favorably to your advances. Creates a desire to marry, if the person is already known to you; otherwise used to get on a friendly basis with someone prior to using a more potent powder to catch them. ---------------------------------------------------------- Crossing Incense/Oil/Powder Brown Bayberry Cinnamon Myrrh A very powerful spell-casting powder which should always be used with extreme care. Use only to cast a hex on your most hated rivals. Never consider trying this blend in jest. Said to be exceptionally good. Use with extreme care for this is very powerful. ---------------------------------------------------------- Crown of Success Incense Orris Frankincense Vetivert White Sandalwood Gold glitter Helps push aside those who hinder your rise upward to success. Stops evil talk. When you are the subject of gossip or slander, this blend stops bad vibrations from affecting you in any way. (One of the most famous Voodoo essences) ---------------------------------------------------------- Cruicle of Courage Incense/Oil Blue bottle Vanilla Rose Lilac Lavendar Gives great amounts of courage to those who are fearful or timid. Used to anoint purple candles and wear the oil when confronting frightening or dangerous situations. ======================================