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Banishing Incense Blue Bay leaves Cinnamon Red wine Rose petals Myrrh Salt Eliminates all bad spirit forces. Should be burned in a ceremonial room during services. Also used in uncrossing. (Removes evil forces and hexes) ----------------------------------------------- Bast See Joy ----------------------------------------------- Bat's Blood Incense Red Dragon's Blood Myrrh Cinnamon Burn to cast evil spirits and to place a hex on someone you wish to get even with. (For black magick and hexing) This invokes only baneful spirits and can be highly dangerous to the operator. ----------------------------------------------- Bat's Blood Ink 2 pts Dragon's Blood 1/2 pt Myrrh 2 drops Cinnamon oil 2 drops Indigo color 12 parts Alcohol 1/2 pt. Gum Arabic ----------------------------------------------- Bat's Eye Incense Real Bat's Eye Myrrh Dragon's Blood Bayberry powder Use for same purpose as Bat's Blood Incense. Works equally well. (Use where eye of Bat is needed) ----------------------------------------------- Bat's Heart Incense Same as Bat's Blood Ink - No alcohol. Substitute 1/10 pt sugar for gum arabic. Burn to break a love affair and to hex any unfaithful mate or lover. Works quickly. ----------------------------------------------- Bend Over Oil/Powder Yellow Rose Frankincense Vetivert Honeysuckle Makes other people do your bidding. Use to break any hexes; used to order evil spirits to return to their sender. Said to be extremely potent. ---------------------------------------------- Beneficial Dream Incense/Powder Blue Bergamot Lemon Frankincense Orris Burn to make all dreams come true, especially those helpful to the dreamer. (Also helps to develop clairvoyance) Powder must be rubbed on the forehead and sprinkled under the bed for ultimate effectiveness. To use in a bath, while bathing meditate on being surrounded by all the good things in life. ----------------------------------------------- Bible Oil Hyssop Frankincense For ritual success, anoint all candles except black. With Bible Oil on altar, burn incense and oil before it. ----------------------------------------------- Black Arts Incense/Powder # 1 Black Myrrh Patchouli Cinnamon Gum Mastic Graveyard Dust Vetivert Mullein A special powder used for hexing someone you despise with a passion. Very dangerous if you do not use for this purpose only. ---------------------------------------------- Black Arts Incense Powder # 2 Black Myrrh (4) Patchouli (4) Ambergris (1/4) Civit (drops) Musk (1/4) Black pepper ----------------------------------------------- Black Arts Oil Same oils as Black Arts Incense # 1 except Sage instead of Mullein A special crossing oil used only for placing hexes on a hated competitors. Use with extreme care (Used only in Black Magic) ------------------------------------------------ Black Art Powder Same as Black Arts Incense # 1 except Black Arrowroot ----------------------------------------------- Black Candle Tobacco Hi-John Lo-John Clove Sage Rosemary Pipe tobacco A very powerful item when burned along with a black candle and salt. Use only to win court cases and to overcome legal entanglements. ----------------------------------------------- Black Cat Oil/Powder Black Black cat hair (3) Steel Wool Iron Powder Sage Myrrh Bay Compels the opposite sex to strongly desire you. Also used for breaking bad spells and unhexing. (Black Cat Incense--Of tremendous power either for hexing or for obtaining luck and good fortune ) ----------------------------------------------- Black Devil Powder Black Bay Frangipani Lavendar Cinnamon Oil--Mixed with sugar and salt to stop a married man or woman from playing around. It should be carefully sprinkled on their undergarments while they sleep. Powder--Mix with sugar and carefully sprinkle on the undies of a wayward lover. Stops infidelity in an instant. Forces those you love to return. ----------------------------------------------- Blessed Powder White Lavendar Silver magnetic powder Ylang Ylang Musk Sprinkle all around a room to cleanse and purify it. Rub a little on your body in order to cleanse your spirit before holding any ritual. To attract help of good spirits. It is sprinkled about the room and also about the home and place of business. ----------------------------------------------- Blue Angel Powder See Angel Incense in A section ----------------------------------------------- Boss Fix Powder Red Musk Chili powder Tobacco Pulverized newsprint Sprinkle around the boss' office at work, and around your own area on the job. Forces supervisor to leave you alone. Stops harassment. (Also to be used in private life to cause one to receive kindness and consideration) ----------------------------------------------- Buckeye Incense Brown Ground Bayberry Ground Buckeye Bay Basil A special blend used to chase away all evil spirits. A good hex breaker. (For luck and sending back curses) ----------------------------------------------- Buddha See Meditation -----------------------------------------------