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The Magickal Formulary was originally written by Herman Slater. It is currently out of print, that is why I have decided to include it here as part of the my Online Book of Shadows. It is here for educational purposes only, please read the warnings included and hede them, they may prevent serious illness or injury. Whenever I have made note that a recipe has been left out and you really want to see it, send me e-mail and I will get it to. I will not, however send anyone a copy of Aunt Valerie's Healing Powder. I strongly disagree with its use and would encourage you not to seek it's "power". A word to the wise, many of these recipes are pretty far out there and can be dangerous if not used properly. Many of them call for poisons to be mixed in to reach the intended goal. So be careful. Many of the recipes do not specify the amounts you are to use in creating the incense, oil, powder, bath salt, etc. You are free to use your own discretion here.

Magickal Formulary

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