Greetings! Thank you so much for visiting my site. I worked long and hard to get this all just right and I still have so much to do. Knowing that you took the time out to get to know me and what I am about means alot to me.

I am a 28 year old eclectic witch. I am an LPN by trade and a wife and mother by fate. I am handfasted to a wonderful guy, who is also an eclectic. We both practice solitary. We have an awesome 9 yr old son who is a witchling in bloom. I try to expose him to other paths also, and we really try not to push this Pagan path on him, for it isn't for everyone. I know that one day he'll choose the path that feels right to him, all I can do is offer guidance and support him in wherever he decides to go.

How did I come to realize I was Pagan? I was raised with sporadic bouts of religion. My mother brought us to several churches and I guess none of them ever really felt right to her. As I got older, I started going to church independantly......I guess it was the thing to do at the time. I was never able to find a church that I felt totally at home in. As far back as I can remember, I was always fascinated by this world of Magick, and I was never one to take it lightly. I was Pagan before I even knew what Pagan was. I was sitting in the ole Southern Baptist church one morning listening to the red faced man scream spit across the congregation, then it hit me. What am I doing here? I dont belong here. Why should I have to live in fear for the rest of my life thinking that I'm going to burn in hell if I dont. A loving God doesn't want to be feared. A forgiving God wont condemn you for your thoughts and feelings. A nurturing God wont limit you to teachings inside of brick walls and pretty stained glass windows. A nurturing God wouldn't throw your limitations in your face, instead of showing you your possibilities. To me, Jesus Christ was an awesome man. And I cant say that enough. To be more like him is something I strive for daily. He healed so many, and loved unconditionally. He taught millions and learned that he himself, also has limitations. Yes, Jesus was a good man, and he deserves alot of respect. But to say that I hold him as a God, no I can't.

I was Pagan for so long and didn't even realize it. I guess maybe I didn't know what to call it. In high school, I was open about my spirituality. And that was ok at the time. Our group was one of the "nonfuckwith" groups. They didn't hate us, they didn't fear us.....they just didn't cross us. LoL. I kinda liked the feeling at the time. I was actually very well liked in high school. A little too much sometimes. I was gorgeous, sassy, pouty, stuck-up.....and of course a witch. I liked the way that sounded. After High School, when I came out into the real world, things started changing. I no longer believed that I had to let everyone know that I was Pagan. I was beginning to see that I was portraying myself in a way that was contrary to my beliefs. I'm a nature person. I love the Springtime, and all the little furries that are born therein. I love people. I like to laugh and cry with friends........I like the music of the wind and the water. I'm not a mean ole witch that walks around binding people or tossing a little gris gris onto their path to make them stumble. I was never that way and I should have never portrayed myself as such.

I had my son shortly after High School......and when I saw that beautiful red headed wonder looking back up at me, it was just wow.....I wanted the whole world to stop just then so I could rebuild it into the absolute most perfect place that this little guys deserves. I gave thanks to the Mother for sending me this little bundle of noise and joy. The town I lived in at the time is quite a churchy little place. I was bombarded with visitors from the Catholic church, and the Baptist church, and even the Pentecostal church. What I got was this: "If you dont repent and turn from your sin you're going to live as the damned do and burn in eternal rot and brimstone......and what about that beautiful little boy you have......" Huh? What? My little boy? What's going to happen to him? I started going back to church and I fought night and day with my Spirituality. That should have told me something then, that I am not Christian and I didn't belong sitting in a crowded sticky pew staring out those pretty stained glass windows.....wait, is that a tulip blooming out there? and those you see them playing games in the sky? aww.....look at that Momma squirel gathering nuts for her babies......what did he say? Did that man just say that I'm going to burn in hell if I dont turn from my Earthly ways and fear the Father? Wow.......time to go. Havent been back there since.

I still have trouble sometimes when it comes to religion. When some people find out about my beliefs, they have that "oh my god" know the one. What? You dont believe in God? No, not that God. You dont believe in Satan? Nope.....not the devil. Arent you scared? Scared of something I dont believe in? Nope......there is nothing to fear other than not being allowed to live as you see fit. I met this guy in New Orleans a few years ago. He's a good friend, and in a round about way, he taught me valuable lessons. Dont be afraid to be yourself. Dont be afraid to live the life that you have been given. He's Pagan, dont know if he'll admit it but he is. His path is one that teaches that God is in you..... And She is isnt she? She is everywhere.....blooming in my Daffodils, singing in the breeze, sparkling in the waters of the river down the road, smiling down to me on a bright night, warming my skin on a hot day, and right there, in the mirror, dont you see her too? Blessed Be!!!

Last updated: July 13, 2002