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                                                  Brand name:                          Chinese Cinnamon                                                   Latin name: Cinnamomum aromaticum                          Other names: Bastard Cinnamon, Cassia, False Cinnamon                                                   A Remedy For                                                             Appetite loss                               Bronchitis                               Colds                               Cough                               Fever                               Indigestion                               Sore throat                               Tendency to infection                                                   This herb is also used to treat exhaustion and promote weight gain; and in                       Chinese medicine, it has been used for impotence, diarrhea, bed-wetting,                         rheumatism, testicle hernia, failure to menstruate, and symptoms of                         menopause. Its effectiveness for these conditions, however, remains                         unconfirmed.                                                   What It Is; Why It Works                          A common household spice, Chinese Cinnamon is cultivated in southern                         China, Vietnam, and Burma. The flowers, young twigs, and the bark of thin                       branches are all considered medicinal.                                                 Researchers have found that the active agents in Chinese Cinnamon                                                   exhibit antibacterial properties, control the growth of fungi, boost immunity                       in animals, improve intestinal activity, and inhibit ulcers.                                                   Avoid If...                          No known medical conditions preclude the use of Chinese Cinnamon.                                                   Special Cautions                          No side effects are likely when this herb is used at customary dosage                         levels. However, some people develop a sensitivity to the herb.                                                   Possible Drug Interactions                          No interactions have been reported.                                                 Special Information If You Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding                                                 Chinese Cinnamon has a potentially abortive effect. Do not use it during                                                   pregnancy.                                                   How To Prepare                          Chinese Cinnamon is available as crushed bark, in solutions of alcohol,                         and as an essential oil.                                                   Typical Dosage                                                   Herb: The average dose is 1 gram (less than one-quarter teaspoonful).                         Take 2 to 4 grams daily.                         Essential oil: 50 to 200 milligrams daily.                                                 Store Chinese Cinnamon in cool, dry conditions in well-sealed containers.                                                   Overdosage                          No information on overdosage is available.