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                                                  Brand name:                          Chamomile                                                   Latin name: Matricaria chamomilla                                                   A Remedy For                                                             Appetite loss                               Bronchitis                               Colds                               Cough                               Fever                               Liver and gallbladder problems                               Skin inflammation                               Sore throat                               Tendency to infection                               Wounds and burns                                                 Chamomile is also used internally to treat inflammation and spasms of the                                                   digestive tract.                                                   What It Is; Why It Works                          This traditional home remedy is native to Europe and northwest Asia, and                       now grows in North America and elsewhere as well. A small plant (8 to 16                       inches in height), it sports little white and yellow flowers.                                                   The entire flowering plant, or the flowers alone, may be used medicinally. It                       relieves inflammation and spasms, promotes wound healing, and fights                         bacteria.                                                   Avoid If...                          There are no known medical conditions that preclude the use of                         Chamomile.                                                   Special Cautions                          At customary dosages, Chamomile does not have side effects. However, a                         few people develop an allergy to the herb over time.                                                   Possible Drug Interactions                          No interactions have been reported.                                                 Special Information If You Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding                                                   No harmful effects are known.                                                   How To Prepare                          Chamomile tea: pour 5 ounces (about one-half cup) of boiling water over 3                         grams (about 3 teaspoonfuls) of Chamomile. Cover for 5 to 10 minutes and                       strain.                                                 Chamomile compress: pour 11/2 cups of hot water over 2 teaspoonfuls of                                                   Chamomile. Cover, steep for 15 minutes, then strain. Soak a cloth in the                       lukewarm water and apply to the affected skin throughout the day.                         Bath additive: mix about 16 tablespoonfuls of Chamomile with 1 quart of                       water and add to the bath.                                                 Chamomile ointments and gels may be used externally throughout the                                                   day.                                                   Typical Dosage                          The usual oral dosage is 10 to 15 grams (approximately 3 to 5                         tablepoonfuls) daily.                                                   Overdosage                          No information on overdosage is available.