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                                                  Brand name:                          Cat's Foot                                                   Latin name: Antennaria dioica                          Other names: Cudweed, Life Everlasting                                                   A Remedy For                          Cat's Foot is used to treat digestive problems and increase urine output,                       but there's no evidence that it's really effective.                                                   What It Is; Why It Works                          The bright red and white flowers of Antennaria dioica have been shown to                         ease spasms and increase bile flow--at least, to some degree--in animal                       tests. The possibility therefore exists for some minor value in the                         treatment of intestinal disorders.                                                   The plant is nick-named "Life Everlasting" because the cut flowers last up                       to a year before wilting. It is grown in Europe, Asia, and America as far                       north as the Arctic.                                                   Avoid If...                          No known medical conditions preclude the use of Cat's Foot.                                                   Special Cautions                          No harmful effects have been reported.                                                   Possible Drug Interactions                          No drug interactions have been documented.                                                 Special Information If You Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding                                                   No information is available.                                                   How to Prepare                          To make a tea, pour boiling water over 1 gram of finely cut Cat's Foot                         flower. Strain after 5 to 10 minutes.                                                   Typical Dosage                          There are no dosage recommendations on record.                                                   Overdosage                          No information is available.