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TOURMALINE Tourmaline was unknown to ancient magician, but is a nevertheless a unique stone in many ways. The stone is transparent when viewed from the side of the crystal, yet opaque when viewed from either end. When heated or rubbed to create friction, it polarizes; that is, one end will become positive and attract ashes or light straws, the other negative. It comes in many colours to which each has its own specific uses. Pink tourmaline is receptive and draws love and friendship and to promote sympathy to others. Red tourmaline is projective and is worn to lend energy to the body. Worn, it promotes courage. Green tourmaline is receptive and is used to draw money and success in business. It will also stimulate creativity. Blue tourmaline is receptive and will de-stress you and promote peace and a restful sleep. Black tourmaline is usually too brittle for jewelry but is good in earth spells. Watermelon tourmaline consists of an interior or red or pink encased in green tourmaline. It gives the appearance of a sliced watermelon. It is worn to balance the projective and receptive energies within the body. Tourmalated tourmaline is receptive and is worn to promote astral projection.