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QUARTZ The formation of crystal began some 200 million years ago in veins and pockets within the earth. Long thought by ancients to be solidified water or ice, its receptive power will capture you on sight. Quartz is used by all Wiccas and Shaman and is once believed its misuse was the downfall of the legendary Atlantis. They are I believe the stones of the New Age. Crystal balls were utilized in 10th century European magic. Quartz crystals were once used in early Radio transmission technology, and are widely used to coordinate the internal operations of computer -- in fact, there is almost certainly a tiny quartz crystal regulating the computer you are using right now. A crystal garden of various colored crystals will endow your home with peace and harmony. Rose Quartz is especially used to stimulate love and to open the heart. In the New Age we have even more insight into the powers of the mind and combined with the quartz we can call the up the peace we so all desperately seek. See also: amethyst, citrine, and geodes