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The blood red agate lends strength, courage, longevity, love, healing, protection and is good for gardening. In general agate increases your plant's fertility. In ancient times it was utilized to ensure the earth be plentiful. Use it in love spells for purity and to ensure purity of our blood. It would be a good stone to carry to protect us all from the AIDS virus along with today's standard protective practices. Agates come in various colours, each colour lends to you its energy. Banded agate increases energy and eases stress. Black agate offers courage and success in competitions. Black and White agate guards against physical dangers. Blue Lace agate relieves stress and reduces family quarrels. Brown or Tawny agate was once worn by ancient warriors in battle and is a wealth talisman. Green agate is worn to improved the health. Moss agate due to its curious markings like trees or moss is a gardeners talisman. It is also used for spells for riches, happiness and long life. Red agate was worn in Ancient Rome to guard against insect bites, heal the blood, and promote peace.